Top 5 Reasons You Should Switch to Squarespace

Every time I ask someone what website platform they use, the answer I am constantly getting is Squarespace! As Sandra could tell you, Squarespace is where it's at these days for websites.  She has been using this platform since the beginning and has nothing but great things to say about it.  So we decided to put together our top 5 reasons why you should switch or start your website with Squarespace.


1. User Friendly Interface & Integrations

It is almost imperative these days that you, as a business owner have the ability to not only build and design your site but be able to update and manage it's content quickly and easily. Squarespace provides both of these elements through their amazing drag and drop method.

Want to add images or a gallery to a page? No problem! With a few clicks you can insert a gallery into the body of your post or site.  Need to add your subscribe box for your newsletter and integrate with your Mailchimp account?  Easy! Just select the widget from the list and have it magically appear where you want it.  From images, links, social media and embed codes all it takes is a few clicks to get what you need.


2. Beautiful Free Templates to choose from

You will have no trouble finding the perfect template for your website with Squarespace.  They have loads of templates to choose from to fit any type of business, and did I mention they are FREE?  No more worrying about lack of options and expensive theme costs.  Squarespace has beautiful, clean and streamlined designs that are fully customizable to fit your ( or any clients! ) unique needs.


3. No Code or Plugins

You can stop worrying about the fact that you don't know how to use code or HTML in your website platform.  Squarespace as eliminated the need to know these things and you will still get the website of your dreams.  You can make any changes necessary through their visual layout editor and if you do happen to have a background in coding it does allow you to integrate what you need to as well, it's win-win!  There are no plugins associated with Squarespace so you won't have to make sure you go in regularly to maintain and update plugins to keep your site functioning properly.  They take care of all of this for you.


4. Mobile Friendly

All of the sites available through Squarespace already come fully optimized to be mobile friendly.  With the majority of people viewing websites on their phones or tablets, this is a key ingredient and something you want to make sure you have for your site so that no matter where people are viewing it, everything will look correct.

5. Amazing Support & Tutorials

Squarespace has an extensive library containing numerous support documents, along with video tutorials on almost any subject you can think of or might need help with.  This allows you to navigate and troubleshoot almost anything you need too on your own without that feeling that you might have to call a web developer to fix something.  If their library doesn't have the answers (which would surprise me!) they have an amazing support team with really fast response times as well as live chats to help you when you need it.

If you are in the market for a new website, a refresh or are thinking of making a switch I hope you found these reasons to make the move the Squarespace helpful! As business owners we wear so many different hats and being able to simplify and create a website we can be proud of just makes everything that much easier.  They also offer a free trial period where you can go in and see for yourself all the great features it has to offer.

Stay tuned for more tutorials on how to work with Squarespace in our new series on the blog! With tips and design tutorials, how to blog on Squarespace to SEO we've got you covered.

This is not an affiliate post and is not sponsored by Squarespace. Images via Squarespace.