5 Key Elements to Creating a Blog with Purpose

As a small business owner I want to focus a lot of attention on my blog because I know it's important for my success. According to Inside View  (a data driven resource for business insight) you get 67% more leads per month if you have an active blog. Which tells me blogging as a marketing tool is key so I can build an audience and ultimately turn them into buyers.

So we know a blog is important, now what? Your blog needs a purpose. Do you want to connect with, influence opinions or educate your audience? Are you trying to encourage sales? Is it all of the above?

Once you know your purpose you can offer beneficial content that is focused on that so people will WANT to read your blog.  Here are the 5 key elements to creating a blog with purpose.

Be Passionate.
When I first started out I struggled to find my groove and there was no purpose to my lifestyle blog. It took a long time (I’m talking years!) for me to admit that I was not passionate about what I blogged. I had nothing to offer my audience and it started to show. As my numbers slowly dropped, I realized my readers started to notice too, how could they not?  It was time for me to make a change. You will connect better with your readers if they see the passion you have for what you do.

Be Authentic.
Blogging should be a true reflection of you. Be transparent. If you speak from the heart your audience will relate and respond to you.

Joy Cho tells us in her book Blog Inc.  that “authenticity means writing in a voice that comes naturally to you, and posting things that you simply want to share with others - not what you think they want to see.”

Be a Problem Solver.
Who are your readers? How will they benefit from you? Share your expertise! Solve a problem. Educate. People will continue to visit your blog if you offer them something tangible they can take away with them.

Be Resourceful.
Offering beneficial, relevant and fun resources will encourage your audience to share on social media, sign up for your newsletter and attract potential clients.

You can see below how Molly from Almost Makes Perfect does this by creating different tabs for her collection of printables and DIY projects on her blog. She uses beautiful images to showcase each project on a gallery styled page making it a useful, easy resource for her readers (like me!).

Molly’s blog is just one extension of what she does. She is also a freelance designer and co founder of  blogzilla, a home for beautiful modern blog themes. Almost Makes Perfect is an excellent example of creating a blog with purpose.

Learn From Others.
Linking to relevant information, quoting an expert in your field, illustrating a point or giving a specific example are great ways to support your purpose (just like I did today). This is another way you can showcase your expertise and build credibility with your audience.

Over the next few months some big changes will be happening here at sandramantonmills.com as I reinvent my blog. I'm going to start by following these 5 key elements to creating a blog with purpose. Hope you join along in my journey.

Have you found the purpose of your blog? Share below!

Post by Sandra Manton Mills