Why we should all shut up and listen.

I have talked about the importance of every entrepreneurs' role as a problem solver in a previous post (5 Key Elements to Creating a Blog with Purpose) but I never really delved into WHY it’s so important. Today’s post is short and sweet because instead of using my own brand of witty writing and cute metaphors I thought I’d let you hear it from an exciting global industry expert.

I was introduced to the philosophies of Dr. Ernesto Sirolli from business guru Melanie Duncan  and was instantly impressed. Dr. Sirolli’s approach to entrepreneurship is to “shut up and listen” and his short talk on TED TALK is super insightful (mixed with moments of funny!). Two million + people have already watched it and if you’re not one of them, you are missing out!

Dr. Sirolli talks to us on a global spectrum but there’s an important message there for bloggers and small business owners reminding us WHY we should remember the needs of our audience first and I think he says it beautifully.

Want more of Dr. Ernesto Sirolli’s wisdom? Check out his latest book: How to Start a Business & Ignite Your Life. I know it's on my list of 'must read' for 2015!

What did you think? Were you as inspired as I was? Share your comments below, I'd love to hear them!

Post by Sandra Manton Mills