Do you believe there's more to life then being happy?

Emily Esfahani Smith thinks so. In fact, she believes our need to pursue happiness is actually making us... well, unhappy. And she’s not alone.

Born in Switzerland but raised in Montreal, Emily is a journalist, editor and the author of “the Power of meaning’ which addresses our misguided need to constantly search for happiness. Emily maintains that finding MEANING and not the pursuit of happiness will bring true fulfillment and joy in our lives.

Her book centers on what she calls, the four pillars of meaning. Belonging, purpose, transcendence and story telling, the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. She has my attention and I’m pretty sure this will be one of those books I keep handy so I can reread it every few months for inspiration.

Need a little inspiration today? Me too! Emily gives us a glimpse into this science backed philosophy with her own kind of charming storytelling in the below TedTalk. A must watch!

Let’s start a conversation! What are your thoughts on Emily’s insights about happiness?

Post by Sandra Manton Mills