Four Romantic Places To Travel When You Leave The Kids At Home


Every Mom needs a break from well, being a mom. Yes, we love motherhood and all the perks that come with it ( those hugs and kisses, am I right?) but it’s hard work that involves juggling a lot of balls. As busy women, we definitely need a break from our everyday routine. Time away allows us to unwind, reconnect with our best friend and create new memories.

So put down those balls and book your next trip. Here are my picks for that much needed getaway without your little ones.

A Quaint Town

Just like Sandra Bullock in “While You Were Sleeping’ I dream of one day visiting Florence, Italy. Like a true tourist (map in one hand, camera in the other) I want to explore the Duomo Cathedral, stare at masterpieces from Botticelli and da Vinci, meet Michelangelo’s “David”, wander slowly through the old city streets at dusk and enjoy some of the world’s finest foods. What could be dreamier then that?

Photo by courtneyk/iStock / Getty Images

The Beach

San Diego (hello, La Jolla ) offers miles of sunny, sandy beaches, an exciting nightlife and great places to explore. You can soak up the sun for days and enjoy cocktails to unwind or indulge in lots of local shopping. Kids? What kids?

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A Bustling City

City girl at heart?  There’s no better destination to rekindle romance than New York City. Just ask Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big. Walks in the park with a cone, a carousel ride at Brooklyn Bridge Park, a night of Theater and rooftop dining with breathtaking views are all a cab drive away. Don’t forget to take a selfie at Grand Central to send home to the kids!

Your Own Backyard

Traveling to a far away location not your thing? There are a ton of things you can do right at home. Plan for the kids to visit a relative (or take turns with another couple) and find new and creative ways to share, unplug and enjoy each other. Turn napping all day (can you remember the last time you did that? Ya, me neither ) into a romantic spa day or a mini road trip into a magical adventure with new spots to explore and cozy conversations across the table at a new restaurant.

Your Turn! Where would you love to go with your loved one?
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